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我的光暈戰記 My Twilight Wars


The template that help developers to build their own twilightwars-like game, your own map, your own mission.

快捷鈕 Shortcuts

編輯任務事件表 (Edit Events)

編輯地圖 (Edit Map)

設定任務季度列表 / Setup Story Seasons

將 appSeasons.ts 設為遊戲進入點,即可支援任務章節/列表。

編輯 seasons.json 任務列表

Set appSeasons.ts as the entry point to support seasons/mission list.

Edit seasons..en.json Mission List (English Ver.)

And you need to change "seaons.json" to "seasons.en.json" in appSeasons.ts for it to be referenced.

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