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# 我的光暈戰記 My Twilight Wars 只有單人模式可以遊玩 其他模式全是空白 說ERASE秘密敵人 說Ban music禁止音樂 說suicide自殺 尚未設計完成專案 https://fkbgm1.gamelet.online/ 新增ERASE Chara-第三次復活-集氣技能 修正視野縮放黑畫面 即防禦失效問題 設定玩家死亡重生點 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OHrtCPlpeJsMWsBvoPdSl2AjkQQvlrPHutHD_i96aF0/edit 更新了數據 Only single player mode can be played, other modes are all blank Said ERASE secret enemy Said Ban music banned music and said suicide committed suicide The project has not been designed yet https://fkbgm1.gamelet.online/ Added ERASE Chara-the third resurrection-gas gathering skills. Corrected the black screen of vision zooming, that is, the problem of defense failure. Set the player's death respawn point https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OHrtCPlpeJsMWsBvoPdSl2AjkQQvlrPHutHD_i96aF0/edit Updated data ## 快捷鈕 Shortcuts <a href="cg://source/CG.TWEventsGameTemplate/seasonMissions/tutorial_1.events" class="mat-raised-button mat-primary">編輯任務事件表 (Edit Events)</a> <a href="cg://source/CG.TWEventsGameTemplate/gamemap.twmap" class="mat-raised-button mat-primary">編輯地圖 (Edit Map)</a> ## 多重任務列表 將 appSeasons.ts 設為遊戲進入點,即可支援任務章節/列表。 <a href="cg://source/CG.TWEventsGameTemplate/seasons.ts" class="mat-raised-button mat-primary">編輯 seasons.ts 任務列表</a> Set appSeasons.ts as the entry point to support seasons/mission list. <a href="cg://source/CG.TWEventsGameTemplate/seasons.ts" class="mat-raised-button mat-primary">Edit seasons.ts (Mission List)</a>
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