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# PixiGif Add [GIF](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GIF) 89a (animated GIF) support for pixi.js. ## Getting Started Add GIF image alias to resourceManager as regular resources, and create a GifSprite by CG.PixiGif.createGifSprite(); ```typescript let resourceAlias = 'PixiGif.anim'; CG.Base.resourceManager.addAppResource(alias); CG.Base.resourceManager.load(() => { CG.Base.pixi.initialize(300, 300); // create a GifSprite, attach to pixi.root and play the animation let sprite = CG.PixiGif.createGifSprite(resourceAlias); CG.Base.pixi.root.addChild(sprite); sprite.play(); }); ``` You can setup custom sequences by any combination of frames. ```typescript let sprite = CG.PixiGif.createGifSprite(resourceAlias); sprite.addSequence('jump', [1,3,5]); // define a sequence named jump sprite.setSequence('jump', true); // set jump as the current sequence, and play ``` You can listen to events from GifSprite ```typescript let sprite = CG.PixiGif.createGifSprite(resourceAlias); sprite.on('frameChanged', (sp) => console.log('the frame is just changed')); sprite.on('complete', (sp) => console.log('the animation is complete and stopped')); sprite.on('play', (sp) => console.log('just starts playing the animation')); sprite.on('stop', (sp) => console.log('the animation is stopped')); sprite.on('end', (sp) => console.log('the animation plays to the end of the sequence')); ``` #### References - [GIF reader by Dean McNamee](https://github.com/deanm/omggif) - [GIF Format](http://www.onicos.com/staff/iz/formats/gif.html)
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